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From: mr. axl
It's amazing how you take things for granted when they are there for you
everyday.I always thought Eddie would be with me, and when I was sent away he was
there for me younger 14 nudes when I got out.Now in the course of two weeks I found someone and fell in love with them,
I just assumed Eddie would be there and understand.I'm sure in time he would younger 14 nudes have understood, he loved me and young porn mpegs
he understood
me, but he wasn't there.No.That was ripped away without any of our consent,by the selfish acts of
anotherEddie was just trying to survive. My mind was in a tailspin, I didn't know
how I felt.I felt so vulnerable,for the first time in my life I was relying on someone
else but Eddie to be there for me,that was Kevin, hell I didn't even know
if he felt the same for me that I felt for him.At the same time I was anxious,because I knew that Eddie would come see
me. I didn't know how but I knew he would show.I awoke on friday with a feeling of emptiness.Two days ago I found out my best friend was nowhere to bdsm young girls be found and the boy
I loved was going home after a week of bliss, I was worried that after a
few days without me Kevin would decide that he was happier without me and
that it was just a fun week and nothing more,damn I sounded pathetic.Friday was a miserable day for me,Kevin didn't call and I refused to call
him because I didn't want to be too pushy.When I wasn't thinking of him I was thinking of Eddie.Mom and dad would try to engage me in conversation but I was moody and
offish, I just didn't want to be bothered,I was perfectly content young thai teens to mope
around feeling sorry for myself.Kevin called on saturday,I having moped around for the two hours I had been
up found my mood instantly brightened by simply hearing Kevin's voice.Kevin told me he could come over but he had no ride,I assured him that I
would talk my mother into coming to pick Tight young pussy him up. I told him I would call
him back and tell him what training young dogs time.I hung up the phone and went to the kitchen in a better mood to ask mom
about picking Kevin up."Oh honey, I have alot to do today""well we can tag along" I pleaded"look Alex.. I have grocery shopping, and bills to pay,and other errands to
run , and I was planning on doing a little visiting today as well"I don't know what came over me honestly,normally I would have tried to talk
her young sex fuck into it.Oh my god, I'm getting ready to cry I thought to myself. Whats this shit?
tears were welling up in my eyes.I only turned and walked to my bedroom, I lay on the bed looking at the
ceiling.Mom knew something was wrong now,and she followed me into the room."I'm worried about you" she said"your not yourself,perhaps we should
consider getting you back into therapy""not myself?" I said calmly" Therapy? so they can ask me the text book
questions and I can laugh at them?It's not me,it's everyone else. I mean my
best friend is nowhere to be found and the fuckin cops ask me where he is"
she flinched at that "wouldn't you be acting abit differently too?""I understand that honey ,but what does Kevin have to do with this? why is
it so important for him to be here?""I dunno mom, young petite lesbians I guess he's alot like Eddie in alot young virgin russia of ways,but very
different at the same time"I paused now to choose my words carefully "see Eddie will fight back if he
feels threatened,but Kevin is so meek,I feel I need to protect him and I
want too. It's like he fills a need in me"My mother studied my face for a second "I don't want you getting into
anymore fights.especially for a kid you just met a week ago,You hear me
Alex?""you don't understand" I said flatlyshe got up to leave"you know " I said "Eddie didn't just freak out"she turned back to me"you know him better than that mom.Somebody hurt him,that's the only time
Eddie freaks.I know" I said confidently.Mom was studying my face again."I notice your in a better mood when Kevins around""well yeah" I said enthusiastically "I mean he's cool,and you know me
mom. I don't care about having alot of friends,just a couple of good ones"I kind of felt that although unintentionally ,Maybe she was starting to
reconsider picking Kevin up."acquintances are cool,but now it seems everyone is either scared of me or
just curiouse.I'm the circus at school.I'm the kid who killed another
kid,Kevin knows better.I don't think he was ever scared of me,and he's
afraid of everyone"I paused "or atleast he trusts me" I said softly"What will you boys do while I run errands?""I dunno just drop us off somewhere, we'll find our way back home""I don't like that idea"she stopped to think"I'll pick you guys up at the
pizza adolescent young porn parlor at 8"I was ecstatic,I jumped up and hugged her "thanks mom'Again the roller coaster of emotions,happy then sad then happy again.As soon as Kevin got into the car I nearly jumped out of my skin with
excitement.I still didn't have much to say but just looking at his beautiful face young petites nakeds
those kind eyes. That's all it took for me to feel alright.I realize that it didn't make it all better but it made me feel that
something in my life was stable.Kevin and I bummed around town without talking much.Kevin not being one to start a conversation,only waited for me to start a
conversation.I on the other hand was just looking for an opportunity to touch and hold
him.Unfortunately everywhere we went seemed to be busy and Kevin would have
freaked,I mean hell he freaked when I kissed him in the neighbors yard and
no-one was around.It was killing me not to be able to talk to him young naked women about all that was on my
mindand it was even harder to keep my hands off of him.Eddie had introduced me to this guy. He was really cool but he was alot
older."hey I want you to meet someone"I said"who?" Kevin asked sounding uneasy"his names Alex like mine but we call him "big A", I call him "A dog" but
he doesnt like it very much. He's older though like 30 or sumthin, but he's
cool""hmm I dunno sounds scary to me""naw he's cool, me and Eddie have both tried to fuck with him but he
won't.He's just real cool and it's an awesome place to hang out.It's like a
kids dream with a huge stereo and game systems and if ya wanna draw or
sumthin you can do that to,Basically you can do whatever you want,but if
you disrespect him he'll make ya leave""sounds pretty awesome,why havent we gone there before?""because he lives out here and I didn't want to walk that far"So we headed to "Big-A's" house."hey A-dog what's up? I got someone I want you to meet""Hey Alex, who's this?" he asked"this is my friend Kevin. say hi Kevin" I laughed"nice to meet you Kevin,make yourself at home""you don't mind if we hang out do ya A-dog? Kevin might even shake his ass
for ya if ya ask""haha very funny Alex" Kevin finally spoke"your a funny guy Alex but you know better than that shit.You and Eddie
both done tried that shit and I already told ya it aint happenin""aww come on A-dog. You have to admit he younger petite sluts is damned cute"again Kevin blushed"oh he's very cute,but he's a kid. just like you and Eddie. Look Alex I'm a
boylover not a pedophile o.k?""what's the difference?" I askedHe got up and went to the kitchen "you boys want something to drink?""yeah beer is good" I piped up"nice try you little shit. but ummm no" He came back and handed us each a
pepsi,he had a beer of his own"The difference is ..smartass. I enjoy looking at and being around you
boys,but I realize that I have no business messin'with you. What you boys
do together is all good,I mean your the same age. It's about experimenting
and getting to know yourselves better"He paused for a moment"see I already know I'm bi-sexual and what I learned when I was your age
you can learn too,but not from me.You need to learn it with someone not
from someone. Make sense?""I guess" I responded not really knowing what the hell he was talkin
about,I guessed that he was drunk.He lit a cigarette and continued."I can do alot more for you as a friend than as a sex partner of
molester. I would much rather help you develop as an adult and lend advice
when you need it. Havent I always been there if you needed anything?""yeah" I kinda felt bad for puttin him in such an awkward situation.I mean
no doubt he was attracted to boys and he definatly wanted to do stuff to
us,but he has enough respect for us not to, for fear of hurting us. What a
dick I was to try and tempt him."Kevin if you ever need anything come see me,I'll be glad to help.O.k?""yeah sure" Kevin said comfortablyThat's the thing about A-dog he had a way of making you feel comfortable in
his "madhouse" as Eddie called it. There was no doubt that alot of boys
trusted him and if he had wanted to, he could have been with several or all
of them.I know I for one found him to be quite attractive,and would have
let him have me in a minute."hey A-dog? mind if me and Kevin go to the art room?""yeah sure I need to get online for a minute anyway""you don't care if we smoke in here do ya?""well you know I aint happy about it but just keep it lite o.k?""cool" I said grabbing Kevin around the waste."hey Alex? just don't fuck with the mural the rest of the stuff is open
game though""cool,come on Kevin you got to see this"Kevin was blown away by A-dog's art room, anything you wanted pencils
,pastels,paint,hell even markers and crayons. They were there with plenty
of paper of all sizes at your command for whatever you wanted to do.But what I wanted to do was to get ahold of Kevin.I pushed him against the wall and shined the spotlight on him,then I
planted a kiss directly on his lips,those juicy red lips. Oh man they
tasted soo sweet,he opened his mouth to allow me to probe inside with my
tongue.I pressed myself against him and I felt his hardness against mine."oh man I want you so bad" I young kinder porn said kissing him hard on his mouth."what about him?" Kevin panted back and pointed at the door."he'll be busy for awhile he'll just think we're in here smokin and lookin
at the art"I worked my way down Kevin's neck and then lifted his shirt, he was
breathing heavily.I sucked on his sweet nipples and ran my hand across his hairless chest.I wasted little time undoing his pants,I needed to see the object of my
desire.Kevin was hard as a rock."I see you missed me as much as I missed you" I looked into those beautiful
eyes.He looked at me with a look of confusion as if to say was it that obviouse?I slid down and took him into my mouth,never have I so needed to suck a
dick soo bad.But I knew I wouldnt get another opportunity youngest girls nude for awhile and I soo loved to
be with Kevin.It wasn't just sexual ofcourse but he sure did taste sweet and did I
mention how fuckin beautiful he is???I took him all the way to the base so that I could feel his sparse young chinese girls pubic
hairs on my nose. Damn he smelled good,that sweet musty smell.Kevin groaned when I reached the base of his shaft."oh god thats feels so good" he said running his fingers through my hair.I licked the opening at the head of his sweet tool,then worked my way down
the shaft to his large ballsac.Kevin was now moaning lightly,I worked back up his shaft and again
swallowed his meat.He was pumping into my face now, and groaning."oh yes Alex ,that feels so bdsm young girls good"He started to groan louder,then I felt him tense up and he exploded his
sweet seed into my mouth.When I let him slip from my mouth he collapsed to the floor."that was awesome" He said catching his breath.I stood up and watched him a second,then I moved to look at one of the
pieces that A-dog had started working on."man his work is so intense,I wonder where he gets his motivation?" I said
mostly to myself"hey come back over here" Kevin said getting up.I looked over at him."now it's my turn" he said with a smileMy pants were undone sexy youngest boys before I even got to him.I had my rock hard disk out and he took it directly into his mouth.My head nearly exploded when his mouth touched my cock,I saw colors
flashing.Kevin was really getting a rythm going when suddenly A-Dog walked in."Oh shit, my bad" he said embarrased and walked back out.Kevin had jumped back and was now sitting in the corner covering himself
and sobbing."what's wrong?" I asked Kevin."what's wrong? he saw me sucking your dick. Now he thinks I'm a fag" Kevin
was crying now"umm Kevin. Reality check. He just said he was bi""yeah but this is different,now he just thinks I'm another cocksucker"He
said"look just leave me alone o.k"I looked at him for a Tight young pussy minute not knowing what to say."your much more than that to me" I mumbled as I walked out of the room."hey sorry about that Alex" A-Dog said "but I didn't think you guys would
be umm.. you know""no it's my fault young teen blonde we shouldnt have" I mumbled "It's just that I can't help
it with him,he is so fuckin hot and I love him""so where is he?'"he's embarrased" I answered "maybe you should talk to him,he thinks you
won't like him cause he's a dirty cocksucker""so maybe you young naked women
should wash up a little more" he said with a chuckle"alright
I'll talk to him"When A-Dog walked into the room Kevin was closing his pants."hey sorry about that"Kevin only sat in the corner sobbing.A-Dog sat behind his art table and started sketching"do you like to draw?" he asked"not really ,I suck at it""hey your not mad at me for walkin in earlier are you?"Kevin shook his head no."your embarrased?"Kevin shook his head yes"I guess that I should ask an open ended question huh?""what does that mean?""One that is not yes and no,so that I'm not doing all the talking'Kevin chuckled."Alex said you were upset,I can't tell"They were both laughing when Alex walked in."hey whats all this fun without me?" He said barging through the door"let me give you some advice,never barge through that young teen blonde door,you never know
what your gonna walk in on"Everybody laughed at ilegal young cunt
that."holy shit A-Dog" Alex gasped "Thats fuckin awesome, show it to him"Kevin's jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw the portrait done in pastels.The red shirt,hair hanging in his eyes and a touch of moisture in his
eyelashes."oh young nude babes wow" is all Kevin had to say"no one has ever done a portrait of me
before"A-Dog stood up and pinned it to the wall."Well there you go" he said.....
do you like the new character?
perhaps I should kill him off?
keep the feedback coming
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